Yangon Port Information


The Port of Yangon is the premier port of Myanmar and handles about 90 % of the country's exports and imports.



The Port of Yangon is situated at Latitude 16 ံ 47' N and Longitude 96 ံ 15' E on the Yangon River and about 32 km inland from the Elephant Point on the Gulf of Martaban. All vessels calling to the Yangon Port, pilotage is compulsory if they are over 500 GRT. Navigation from the Pilot Station, which is further 32 km seaward from Elephant Point, to the Yangon harbour is generally on a flood tides and has to be timed to cross both Inner Bar and Outer Bar near high tide to ensure sufficient depths.

There are two restricted bars along the approached channel:-
(1) Inner Bar (near Yangon Port at Monkey Point)
(2) Outer Bar (at the mouth of the River)

Since 14th May, 2020, new navigation channel has been specified for the vessels accessing to Inner Harbor Area of Yangon River. This new navigation channel is located adjacent to the King's bank point, that channel is regarded as "King's bank channel" and it is specified as Two ways traffic as for its navigation width, 0.25 NM so that 2 vessels can manoeuvre at the same time. Starting from 1st of July, 2020, draught limitation for the vessels which are going to allocate and depart at the terminals and anchorage sites of Thilawa area after passing through an outer bar navigation channel is increased until 9.5 m. Likewise, MPA has increased the draught limitation for the vessels until 9.3 m which are going to allocate at the inner harbor terminals and anchorage sites after passing through King's bank channel.


Tidal Range

The average tidal range is about 19.3 feet (5.85 m) at spring tide and 8.4 feet (2.55 m) at neap tide.


Current Velocity

The velocity of the current at Yangon River is 4 to 6 knots at spring. Flood stream continues for about 1 hour 15 minutes after high water and Ebb current for about 30 minutes after low water.


Waves within the Yangon River do not hinder marine operations and even at the mouth of the river wave conditions are seldom rough with less than two metres wave-height.

Vessel Size

The Yangon Port is accessible to vessels of 190 m LOA, 9.3 m Draft, 20000 DWT and Thilawa Port is accessible up to vessels of 200 m LOA, 9.5 m Draft, 33000 DWT.


Working Hours

Day shift is from 08:00 hours to 16:00 hours. Night shift is from 20:00 hours to 04:00 hours. Overtime works is available on request for periods between shift hours.


ISPS Code Implementation Code

Myanma Port Authority (MPA), has been implementing Port Security measures in its ports since July 1, 2004 to comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) adopted by IMO in 2002.