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Accounts Department is responsible for the entire financial affairs of Myanma Port Authority.
•       Financial Accounts of Myanma Port Authority.
•       Ship owners' Accounts.


Organization of Accounts Department

Accounts Department consists of four Divisions as follows.
•     Planning and Budget Division.
•     Ledger and Accounts Division .
•     Bills Receivable Division.
•    Agency Accounts Division.



Planning  and  Budget  Division

The followings are the responsibilities of Planning and Budget Division.
•         Budgeting and forecasting of long term and short term plan.
•         Preparing of Capital Expenditure Budget,Current Expenditure Budget, Appropriation of Budget and Surrendering of  Budget annually.
•         Preparing of  Financial statements and Reporting.
•         Maintaining the Fixed Assets Register.
•         Maintaining the Cargo throughputs statistics data.
•         Maintaining Navigational and Passengers statistics data.
•          Preparing of Out Ports budget estimates and revised budget estimates
•          Taking action on audit reports of  the Office of the Auditor General.



 Ledger and Accounts Division

These are the responsibilities of the Ledger and Accounts Division.
•         Making receipt and payment of cash transaction and dealing with Myanma Economic Bank.
•         Making receipt and payment of  foreign currency transaction and dealing with Myanma Foreign Trade Bank.
•         Maintaining the Income and Expenditure Ledger.
•         Controlling  the Fund of Current and Capital Expenditure.
•         Maintaining the Suspense Ledger & Fixed Assets Ledger.
•         Controlling of Advanced payment.
•         Preparing of Cost Accounting.
•         Controlling of Outside Party Job Accounts.
•         Controlling of Store Accounts.
•         Preparing of Ledgers for  the Out Ports.
•         Preparing of Monthly Trial Balance.
•         Preparing of Weekly , Monthly ,Quarterly and Annual Reports.
•         Administrating the staff of  Accounts Department.



Bills  Receivable  Division

Bills Receivable Division is taking the following responsibilities.

•         Calculating and Issuing the Combined Bill of Port Dues Charges, Pilotage Charges,Berthing Charges,  Mooring Charges,  Ship Hiring Charges, Stevedoring Charges etc. and Controlling Debtors Account.
•        Controlling the income of Land rent, Building rent, Warehouse rent, Shop house rent, Buoy hiring charges, Electricity charges , Sales of fresh water and other receivable Accounts.
•         Maintaining the income received by Challan.
•        Controlling the Deposit accounts.


Agency  Accounts  Division

The responsibilities of the Agency Accounts Division are as follows.
•         Checking and Disbursing the expenditure of vessels on behalf of ship owners.
•         Controlling the Ship owners' Deposit Accounts and reconcile with ship owners.
•         Checking the fund, making the repatriation of surplus fund to ship owners.
•         Dealing with Myanma Economic Bank and Myanma Foreign Trade Bank on behalf of ship owners .
•         Preparing the Disbursement Accounts and General Accounts for ship owners.


 Receiving the Port Charges by Challan

The following Cash Receipt Counters will be opened from  9:30 am to 15:30 pm during office hours.

•        Cash Receipt Counter at  Shipping  Agency  Department will be opened for receiving Port Charges for those who make  stevedoring  at  Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa’s Ports, Myanmar  Integrated  Port  Limited ports, Myanmar  Oil  and  Gas Enterprise Ports and Bo Aung Kyaw Wharf  No.(1), No.(2), No.(3) .
•        Cash Receipt Counter at  Sule  Wharf  No.(3)  will be opened for receiving Port Charges for those who make loading/unloading at Sule Wharf No.(1) to No.(7), Myanmar Industrial Ports and Asia World Port Terminals .
•         Cash Receipt Counter at the Accounts Department of  Myanma Port Authority Head  Office will be opened  for receiving the port charges of  seagoing vessels, the port charges of depositors, and other receipt and payment transactions.

Remark : In case for the convenience of making payment for Port Charges on holidays, one can deal with Cashier of  Accounts Department at  Sule gate No.(5) from 09:30 to 12:00 on holidays.